This poem was originally published by Dirty Chai as a guided meditation.


head line: long and curved,
you are a creative thinker and
you don’t know if you believe in god;
everything you remember from
catholic school tells you that you’re going to
hell; you dream about escaping through
windows with a grace you will never have;
you always wanted to be an astronaut
but you are just as afraid of the vastness
between the dying stars as you are
of the vastness of any probable afterlife.

heart line: long and curved,
you are driven by passion and have a vision
of a future, and in this future
you are not an astronaut; no, in this future
you have settled down, and in this future
you see a man and a dog and a little apartment,
and you are comfortable, and you are happy;
and you realize that you used to dream about
exploring the known universe but now you dream about
a place with cheap rent;
you want that future but you’re afraid of it too.

life line: faint,
you may need to do more yoga;
you may need to go to space camp
to learn how to find your gravity because
you are close to drifting away; you dream about
growing wings, feather after feather sprouting
mercilessly out of your shoulders and you try
to pluck them out but they keep
growing back; you may need
to learn how to meditate
without thinking about the afterlife;
you may need to stop apologizing all the time;
you may need to stop being so afraid.